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Hi, my name’s Barry & pretty much just your average 50-something-year-old guy… Well, except for the fact that I run a thriving computer & IT company in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

I’m the founder of Baztex, Baztex.com and Cheap4stuff.com

I started computing as a 12-year boy when my grandfather bought me a Sinclair ZX81 Computer for my Birthday.

First Computer Sinclair ZX81

My big goal at the time was to learn as much about how computers worked and how they can help positively with everyday life so I upgraded my computer through time to ZX Spectrum, VIC20, Commodore 64 and an Amstrad CPC 464 which I managed to acquire from the manager of our local Clydesdale electrical group. He found out that (I was into computers) and wanted me to write some programs to advertise white goods in the windows of the electrical shops all over Scotland like you see in windows today.

This was my first paid job at the age of 14. Within a couple of weeks, I had produced a program which was run on an Amstrad computer in the electrical shop window.

This started as a hobby which I loved and I wanted to grow it to a business.

I started Baztex in 1997 from a bedroom in my mother’s house, I added a phone and dial up Internet to take orders of computers systems, mostly custom builds for, Friends, Home Users, and some Businesses local to the area.

In 1998 I bought my first house and moved the business the spare room which I continued to build and now repaired computers.

As the company got more orders and my wife became pregnant with our first child (we needed the spare room back) I moved the company to 81 Grampian Road, Aviemore, Inverness Shire around Christmas 1999.

Baztex Shop 2005

Since that point the company took off.

I started to employ staff and empowered them with all the skills they needed to supply and deliver a continuing service to our customers.

Being the only IT company at the time on the A9 corridor, Perth to Inverness more and more people and companies started to rely on our products and services.

Since then, every week we have had conversations with companies all over Scotland regarding someone to look after their IT support and servicing.

Why I Launched This Website

So I figured I’d launch this website to help share information about IT Issues, Review new products, and share the best deals online with others (including you!) to help other people with choosing new gizmos.

You see, the truth is reviewing goods is pretty darn simple. We get new products through our store all the time and look to give our customers and you information about the products you may not get from the instruction manuals or the manufactures websites. 

How I Aim To Help You

And that’s where I come into play.

I’ve set this website up to provide helpful information & tips to help you to not only get started on your quest to buy a new product, but to also become more successful in getting it at the best prices online.

I’ll also be providing reviews on various IT related products as well so that you know which products to avoid & which products that are best for you.

So now that you know about me & the website, feel free to go read my latest articles.

Thanks for reading about us.

Barry Taylor



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